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​Address: 32 W. Winchester St, Ste 101, Murray, UT 84107 

Supporting trauma victims is a big deal. We want to make sure that whomever is willing to help support trauma victims by donating to their treatment have the opportunity to have their voices be heard. Your compassion towards those receiving care is extremely important them, and we want to give the opportunity for victims to know how much they are cared for. If you'd like to donate, click on the Paypal donation button below. You are also welcome to send a description to address any specifics you'd like your donation to contribute, or simply send a message to someone you are specifically donating for. It is by no means an obligation, if you wish to remain anonymous simply donate without sending a message.


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*If you'd like your donation to be heard, please enter "donation" in the subject line along with the last four digits of your confirmation number from Paypal (so we know who to credit). Thank you!

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