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Since 1994, when the Trauma Awareness & Treatment Center was incorporated, we have treated over 10,000 individuals. Our treatment focus is often short-term which allows us to work with many different individuals. Unlike most programs that rely on the business of return customers, we want the patient to succeed through quick and effective resolutions – the first time. Our strong educational component is what allows trauma and its symptoms to be treated quickly allowing people to heal and move forward rather than spend months in treatment. We are unique in our willingness and ability to assist children.

At the Trauma Awareness & Treatment Center we have great respect for survivors of trauma and for the process of healing that you will experience.  We have come to recognize that healing is a very personal process, that it isn’t the same for any two people. Because of that, we are open to many different approaches and methods that could work for you. Healing from trauma often seems to involve a miracle in some way, and we appreciate the privilege to be part of your miracle of healing.

There is nothing that can happen to us that the human spirit cannot survive and eventually overcome.


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I am humbled and amazed by our capacity as humans to find a way to survive, to overcome being a victim, to make meaning out of pain and chaos.
— Dr. Larry Beall